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Excited to launch SYNERGICVIT, our new Multi Vitamin tablets for all age group!

What Are Our Core Values?

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High Quality Logistics Maintained

We maintain high level of logistics in delivering the medicines

Thorough testing done

We have done many tests and documented thoroughly for consumer reference.

Hygiene packaging

Our packaging are maintained with international standards

Save lives without compromise

We have utmost quality checks to make sure the drug is thoroughly tested

Prescribed by Doctors

We work closely with Doctors to understand patient symptoms and collaborate together for prescriptions

Caring your health

We care for your health and thats the reason we developed this new drug!


  • Multivitamins
  • Natural Extracts
  • Antioxidant
  • MultiMineral
  • Quality checked
  • Hygiene maintained
  • Doctors Recommended
  • Made in India

Who This Medicine Is For

This supplement is for all age groups. It is completely safe to use it as it is made of natural extracts.

Senior Citizens

Not limited but this is one category Basilic targets with utmost care and passion.


Our pillars of future are taken highest consideration at Basilic pharmaceuticals.


Patients diagnosed with many illments are Basilic's major inspiration for developments.

Working Women

Illness in working women is also taken under consideration

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Drug Reviews

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"Excellent Medicine! Try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma"
IT Engineer, Schneider
"Great Drug! Try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma"
Distributor, Bangalore
"Excellent Drug! Try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma"
Cyber Security Specialist, Netherlands
"Try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma. Try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma"
Distributor, Mangalore
"Another drug review here. please try out today, I am very happy with Basilic Pharma"
Data Scientist, Udupi

About Basilic

We are located in Bangalore, India and you could find location here. We are a team of three like minded people based out from Nellore and operating in Bangalore

We started our operations in 2019 and our first drug, SYNERGICVIT was introduced to market in early 2020. We have more than 15 different products growing faster than we planned for.

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